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Take Once Daily; Marvel

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Name:Take Once Daily; Marvel
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Community description:a daily picture community for Marvel images
Take Once Daily; Marvel is a community that, as the title implies, posts an image/scan from a Marvel Comic once a day.

While the focus is on all Marvel comics, currently the majority of images are centered around the X-titles and young heroes (Young Avengers, Runaways, New X-Men).
- This is because, as of right now, [personal profile] fai_dust is the only poster and using scans of the comics she owns, the majority of which are X-titles.
If you're interested in taking over a day, or even just contributing an image, please contact her via PM or email ( pixie[at]submystic[dot]com ).

Warning; many of the images may be the work of Greg Land. If you want to help stop this "abuse of the term 'art'", feel free to help out. ^_^

Sister Sites
[community profile] ymresource - resourse-comm for the young characters in the Marvel universe
[profile] ymgiftexchange - December gift-exchange for the young characters in the Marvel universe. Sign-ups are currentally closed

disclaimer: this is a fan-run site that is in no way affiliated with Marvel Comics or anything connected. There is no intention of copyright infringement.
- heck, the series and issue number is listed below the image as a means to encourage people to buy the comic if they like the picture.
disclaimer (2): No offence intended to Mr. Land or his fans (re; above 'warning') - I happen to be a fan myself and have been hasseled for it often enough that it's either make a joke or be embarrassed.

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